Up to this point that is! Of course, if you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please send it to us.


Q:  Do you make all your recipes in-house from original recipes by hand?

A: Yes, we do and we do it each morning. We do this while we are prepping the lettuce and the produce we will use for the day. We also keep minimal stock on hand and instead receive deliveries from our food service vendors multiple times throughout the week to ensure we have and can prepare and serve the freshest ingredients available.

Q:  Do you offer a raw-food menu or have raw-food based dishes available?

A: Yes, in as much as a salad is raw, but no in as much as we do not specialize in creating raw food dishes the way Lydia’s or Cafe Gratitude does. We do offer snacks that are raw, incredibly tasty, and wonderfully nutritious.

Q:  Do you offer gluten-free options on your menu?

A:  Yes, we offer many gluten-free dishes on our menu and are committed to continuing to offer this alternative to people with intolerances or who are simply giving their digestive system other options. These items are listed on the cafes’ menu board, our take-away menu, and our website menu. Our staff is also trained to answer questions you have regarding our menu, food allergies, and how we accommodate people with food intolerances.

We also offer a variety of snacks that are gluten-free but very flavorful.  We offer these options both for people with intolerances and but also as a means to provide people that don’t have any allergies or intolerances a way to provide different and delicious options to their digestive system.  Our western culture’s diet is so dependent on gluten it is literally in everything. Your digestive system loves and thrives off of diversity and offering gluten-free dishes and snacks is one way we can help you keep things interesting to your tummy while keeping your tastebuds happy.

Q:  Do you offer vegan dishes?

A: Yes, we do and we do this by modifying dishes listed on our menu, as opposed to offering a stand-alone vegan menu. Most items on our menu can be modified to meet the needs and desires of a vegan lifestyle. Please indicate when ordering that you would like to order the dish vegan.

Q:  Do you cater local events and/or parties?

A: Yes, we do. For more information, please call the location you would like to provide you with a quote. We will take the time to discuss your needs and desires for the event/party and its menu. For large parties 50+ we require at least 48 hours notice; for 25 or less, 24 hours notice; and for 15 or less we can provide same-day service.

Q:  Do you offer nutritional information for each of your dishes?

A:  No, currently we do not have that information available.  The reasons we do not are philosophical and financial. But mostly, it’s a matter of money. It’s a costly process as all dishes need to be made and submitted for laboratory testing.
This is the reason most smaller cafes/restaurants do not offer it.  It is required by law in the State of California for restaurant chains with over 25 locations in the state, but with two locations we fall far under the law’s requirements.
We realize this can be an inconvenience to our customers and while we understand the reasons many request it, we can’t justify the cost for providing it at this time.
Philosophically we feel that nutritional information, while well intentioned, focuses on food mostly from a weight management perspective and this rarely helps people make the right food choices.   Most people regardless of their size and lifestyle or affluence are malnourished and dehydrated.  So at our cafe we focus on providing pure nutrient-rich ingredients with minimal processing to help people feel good mind, body and del soul 🙂

Q:  Do you offer a loyalty program that offer discounts to frequent customers?

A:  No, we have considered loyalty programs for some time and while it’s a great idea for bigger chain restaurants it bears some problems for small family restaurants like ours. For us to offer one, we would either have to raise the prices to compensate the loss of income for the free food, or bear the consequences of possibly going out of business due to higher food costs that would have to be absorbed by the business.
Every place we know of who offers loyalty cards/programs has had to chose one of these two options.
What we work to do is provide organic food at as close to conventional prices as we can every day so that people who would be inclined to buy a burger or a burrito see us a viable alternative not only in taste but in price.  And in doing so, we hope not only to make them feel good but also provide for them peace of mind in their body and in their wallet.

Q:  Do you take reservations?

A:  No, we do not, but we can make special accommodations in terms of space available for your party if you provide us with 24-hour advance notice.

Q:  Do you share or provide information regarding your recipes?

A:  No, we do not.  All recipes are original recipes created in-house and made fresh daily.  We appreciate compliments and feedback on our menu, but we do not share recipes and currently we are not equipped to sell our dressings in large bottled sizes.