About us

Chyna Honey & her son Liam, sister Maya not pictured but deeply loved :)

Chyna & her son Liam. His sister Maya is not pictured but also deeply loved.

Hi, my name is Chyna. I’m the owner and founder of Cafe del Soul.

Cafe del Soul began as a dream, as idle conversation with a friend one night on the floor in his flat. That dream and idle chit-chat led me on a journey I didn’t expect and I didn’t know how it would end. I still don’t. But in July 2004 that dream became a reality, when the cafe was opened for business; back then it was called Smoothie Love.

I created the menu, designed the space, and even laid the kitchen tiles. I had never done that before, but I was driven by a dream and I still am.

In 2005, the café was renamed because Cafe del Soul does a better job of describing what the café is and what our menu and atmosphere offer. Thankfully, most years it has grown and each year served more people. I’m very proud of the café, how it was brought to life and how it has survived, and, throughout some of our time together, thrived. I’ve met amazing people along the way, some have been customers and others have been employees. The café or I just wouldn’t be what it is today without having known them.

In April of 2013 we celebrated the opening of our second location in San Rafael, so there are now two great locations to enjoy all that the cafe has to offer.

Thank you for visiting our site. Let us know what you think of it and how we can make it better.

We’re on Facebook, Twitter, and you are always welcome to give us a review on Yelp.

The staff of Cafe del Soul and I look forward to seeing and serving you soon….