A Smoothie Story

How Our Bananas Became Blissful!


Blissing out in Sausalito.

Most items on our menu have a story. The Banana Bliss is no exception and when I heard it, I knew it was one I was eager to share.

I’m Cynthia and I have the pleasure of telling you all about the wonderful things that happen at Cafe del Soul. I’ve joined the team specifically for that purpose, because while we all know the menu to be great, there is more unknown about the how and why of that than there could be. That’s because over the years so much attention has been placed on the doing of it. So I’m here to share the how and why of it.

The Beginnings of Banana Bliss

Many years ago, at almost the beginning of Cafe del Soul, when it was still called Smoothie Love, Reggie (our Expansion Manager), told Chyna (the Founder & Owner) that he didn’t think very much of banana smoothies.

Chyna tried to explain that was simply because he never had a good one. But he was pretty confident he had and that it said more about bananas than about smoothies in general. Not one to resist a challenge, Chyna told him that she was going to make a banana smoothie that she was pretty confident that he would like. Without thinking, Chyna walked over to the smoothie area and crafted a smoothie from the ingredients she had. This was not a recipe she knew. It was one she created on the spot.

She chose bananas, yogurt, and almond milk, and lightly sweetened it by adding dates and a bit of honey. After a bit of blender noise and a skeptical smirk or two from Reggie, Banana Bliss was born and brought into the world.

When Chyna presented Reggie with the smoothie, he smiled. Prepared to be underwhelmed, he braced himself as he took his first sip. To his delight and amazement, he loved it — so much so that he wanted to finish it right there and then, but Chyna insisted at least for a sip herself. He agreed, and a new smoothie made it to the Smoothie Love aka Cafe del Soul menu. Since then, it has become the favorite of many. It also cemented Reggie’s belief that Chyna is a Smoothie Whisperer!

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