Macaroons: a Snack with a Dose of Love


With our macaroons, the brain says “Decadent!” but the body says, “Ooh! Real food!” It’s a double win treat!

Our macaroons are like gooey, chocolatey love — that’s why we call them Made with Love Macaroons.  Like little brownie bites or chocolate kisses, they are full of flavor, but unlike those treats our macaroons are also full of nutrients.

Made fresh each day, you can be sure our macaroons are delivering to you on flavor and nutrition. We start each batch by blending a combination of organic, raw ingredients.  Cacao, maca root, and agave are blended and folded into a small mountain of shredded coconut; we then add a dash of salt to heighten flavor, portion our coconut mountain into smaller macaroon mole hills, and then dehydrate them using low temperatures best known to keep the nutrients intact. There’s no processed sugar — or processed anything for that matter, so you can enjoy this treat without experiencing a spike in blood sugar, making our Made with Love Macaroons easier to share with friends, and kids alike.

So why sneak a treat, when you can indulge yourself in something that satisfies your palate as well as supports the daily nutritional requirements of your body, mind and del soul.

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