Snack Attack: The Notorious Dip



The Notorious DIP is crazy delicious. Once people try it, they go to a yumminess-induced happy place, and can’t stop eating it. It’s hard to believe that a dip could be anything but, well, dippy, but it’s true.


Like everything we do, it has a fully-fleshed out flavor profile with a palate-pleasing beginning, middle and end. The dip is an unconventional blend of hummus, roasted eggplant, and spicy chipotle. Bursts of lime mingle with the smokiness of roasted of eggplant and smoked jalapenos and brightens the sweet, earthy blend of chickpeas and eggplant. The jalapeno leaves your tongue gently tingling. Because it’s made fresh every day, the dip is silky, fluffy, and always bright with flavor.
Most people like to eat it with chips, but some people will eat it straight — one of our loyal customers will simply eat it with a spoon. Others will buy six tubs of it and take it home. It’s featured in two customer favorites, the Mediterranean Muse Wrap and our Ishtar’s Delight Salad. You can do what so many of our customers have — add it to any of our dishes by dipping or dunking. Or, you could simply just lick it off your finger. Why not? It’s yours to enjoy.


Our Mediterranean Muse wrap with chicken, Notorious Dip, lettuce, and cranberries.


Eat our dip with our nachos for a little extra oomph.

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