Drivers Wanted With Sunny Smiles!

Delivering in Mill Valley

Do you love driving, smiling and being seen?
If the answer is yes, we have great news for you!
We’re hiring delivery drivers at our Mill Valley location.

Benefits of the Banana Bliss Smoothie

One sip of our Banana Bliss may make you feel like you’re drinking a milkshake instead of a smoothie, but rest assured it’s all smoothie.

Team Del Soul Spotlight: Hudari

Hudari is awesome!

A Smoothie Story

The beginnings of our Banana Bliss smoothie!

What Does a Berry Beautiful Do?

Besides taste awesome, that is.

Macaroons: a Snack with a Dose of Love

With our macaroons, the brain says “Decadent!” But the body says, “Ooh! Real food!” It’s a double win treat!

Snack Attack: The Notorious Dip

The Notorious DIP is crazy delicious. Once people try it, they go to a yumminess-induced happy place, and can’t stop eating it. It’s hard to believe that a dip could be anything but, well, dippy, but it’s true.