Top Ten Reasons to Choose Delivery

Delivering in Mill Valley

Delivering in Mill Valley

In David Letterman fashion we start with number 10..

10. Because you’ve stayed home sick, and would like a healthy soup or smoothie to help you get better

9. Because you’re exhausted, and would like a nourishing wrap to pick you up while feverishly working on your first novel or screenplay.

8. Because you’re in charge of snacks for your kid’s soccer game, and OJ and animal crackers are no match for our Ginger lime-ade, Maple Kissed Walnuts and Macaroons!

7. Because free-range chicken is where it’s at.

6. Because you want or need a gluten-free, vegan, kid-friendly spread and don’t want to give it too much thought.

5. Because happy, wonderful people will come to your door, brightening your day.

4. Because the cars we own that deliver to Southern Marin are super cute and super clean offering a pet free, smoke free, clutter free car to deliver your made with love food.

3. Because the bicycles we use to deliver in the San Rafael look great and & reduce carbon emissions!

2. Because it feels better knowing that all our takeaway plates, utensils, and cups are 100% compostable and both cafe have active and sustaining compost program.

1. Because you’re awesome, and you deserve a lot of wonderful!


Our Mill Valley location offers car delivery daily throughout Southern Marin
$15 minimum order
$3 delivery fee
Everyday 10 am – 8pm


Our San Rafael location offer bike delivery in & around 4th Street downtown
$10 minimum order
free delivery!
Monday – Friday 10:30 am – 2:30 pm

For safety purposes our drivers/riders do not carry cash. Delivery order payment is accepted by credit card or personal check

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