Meet Gus and Amelie

Meet Gus and Amelie, our new delivery vehicles! They’ll be bopping about town as they deliver fresh, organic food from our Mill Valley cafe.

Gus was named by his former owner, who figured, Smart Cars are French, let’s give the car a French name. (Gus isn’t a French name to us, but it was to the owner.) When we found a friend for him, we christened her Amelie — after the whimsical French movie character that wanted to make the people around her happier.


We gave Josh at Speedpro Imaging full liberty to play with our heart motif, and are truly happy with the job he did. It’s nice to imagine those hearts flying as the cars go about Mill Valley, Tiburon, Sausalito, and Corte Madera, satisfying people’s bellies with good food for every day, made with love.


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