Why are smoothies great? Read our blog to find out…

Why are smoothies great? Two words: pure deliciousness.

Smoothies are a sweet and delicious drink that fills your senses and satisfies your body and soul. The benefits of smoothies are many:

  1. They are a quick easy meal on the go.
  2. That meal on the go will have up to half your daily allowance of fruit and/or veggies for the day.
  3. Smoothies are food. There are no processed ingredients and full of all the fiber your body needs to digest well.
  4. Get your vitamins and minerals through the fruits and veggies you put in.
  5. You get an energy boost with no chemicals. Did I mention that smoothies are food and not processed?
  6. Smoothies supplement your diet and boost your meals by providing the nutrient-rich calories you need and deserve. Lots of different fruits and veggies lead to a healthy life. Save yourself the time of stressing about how much of this and that to consume and eat lots of fruits and veggies to change your life and support the lives of those you love.
  7. Boost your immunity by feeding your body what it needs… real food!
  8. Kids love smoothies…. See benefits 1 through 7…

Smoothie Disclaimer!!! Beware of smoothies out in the world with added refined sugar. Many establishments add sugar to boost the sweetness of smoothies and sell more.  Be especially aware of added sorbet, frozen yogurt or other ingredients used as a delivery device for a sugar rush.

Real fruit harvested at the height of the season will yield the most natural sugars as well as the most complete complex of vitamins and minerals. At Café Del Soul in Marin County, we strive to provide the healthiest, most delicious meal to our community to do one thing: make your day better by offering you a way to eat well in a busy and sometimes overwhelming world.

Our all-natural smoothies use dates or honey to sweeten, and focus on combinations that give a broad range of nutrients and added health benefits. For example, in addition to offering dietary fiber, dates also contain natural aspirin, as do most berries. Pineapple has natural anti-inflammatory properties. The list goes on. So order a smoothie and enjoy the flavor and the way it makes you feel, inside and out.

Written 1/20/2015 by Reggie Hunter

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