Team del Soul Spotlight : Aldo!

What do you do at Cafe del Soul? I’m a manager at the cafe. I do pretty much everything that I can.  Cashier, driver, on the line, shift leader. I can cover any position but prep cook! I’m here 6 or 7 days a week. What do you like best about your job? There are […]

Team del Soul Spotlight: Cesar!

I’m the Delivery Manager at Cafe del Soul’s Mill Valley location. I love the employees! It’s a really nice, beautiful place.

Team del Soul Spotlight: Terri Marie!

I’m on my way to a psychology degree, but I’m also interested in marketing and promoting due to my work at Cafe del Soul. I love it here — it brings out all my best talents.

Team del Soul Spotlight: Thoralf!

I am a cycling enthusiast and deliver by bicycle for Cafe del Soul.

Team del Soul Spotlight: Eliseo Estrada

I’m the manager of the San Rafael Cafe. I’m a very positive, very friendly person, and the happiest man in the world with my baby.

Team Del Soul Spotlight: Hudari

Hudari is awesome!

Team del Soul Spotlight: Ryan Bohannon

Meet Ryan on Delivery

Ryan Bohannon What do you do at Cafe del Soul? I help spread the word about Cafe del Soul, and deliver to the general public. And I provide a good, friendly relationships with co-workers. What’s the best part of this job? Working with an amazing crew. Everyone here is really nice, we get along great. […]