Let us Deliver!

Southern Marin call our Mill Valley store at 415-388-1852. Central Marin up call our San Rafael store at 415-457-5400.

Best of Marin 2017!

We are ecstatic to be voted Best Natural/Sustainable Restaurant and Best Vegetarian Restaurant by PacificSun for 2017! It’s truly an honor. We especially wish to thank our amazing, hard working employees that make our cafes such wonderful places to be and enjoy. Thank you to the PacificSun and its readers from the bottom of our hearts. You’ve […]

Avocado for Happiness

A yummy, healthy way to make people smile is with creamy, rich avocado. That’s why it’s so great in our grain bowls, salads, nachos, and wraps! Within avocado’s natural butteriness are nutrients that can help you feel happy. They contain serotonin, a neurotransmitter your brain needs to stabilize and boost your mood. They’re as potassium-rich as bananas […]