Team del Soul Spotlight: Eliseo Estrada

I’m the manager of the San Rafael Cafe. I’m a very positive, very friendly person, and the happiest man in the world with my baby.

Smoothie Love

Expertly crafted, using perfectly ripe fruit.

The Freshest Wraps, Soups & Snacks

Made from scratch each day, with love.

Rockin’ Quesadillas!

at the San Rafael Rocks block party!

New Art Shows with Harvey Abernathey

Now showing at both our cafes — Serena Nocturna, a series of dramatic, color-rich series of night photos, by award-winning photographer Harvey Abernathey.

Drivers Wanted With Sunny Smiles!

Delivering in Mill Valley

Do you love driving, smiling and being seen?
If the answer is yes, we have great news for you!
We’re hiring delivery drivers at our Mill Valley location.

Benefits of the Banana Bliss Smoothie

One sip of our Banana Bliss may make you feel like you’re drinking a milkshake instead of a smoothie, but rest assured it’s all smoothie.

Team Del Soul Spotlight: Hudari

Hudari is awesome!

A Smoothie Story

The beginnings of our Banana Bliss smoothie!

What Does a Berry Beautiful Do?

Besides taste awesome, that is.