To Nourish & Delight!

The Joy of Eating Well

At Cafe del Soul, we like to show that it’s possible to eat healthfully, with little effort, and with pleasure. Greens can be yummy, sweet treats can be sweet and gentle to your system, and heavier dishes can keep you feeling light. Everything we make is nutritious while delighting your palate.

Our Made with Love Macaroons are an excellent example of our philosophy. They are chocolate-y morsels so rich in raw cacao they make eyes sparkle and deepen smiles. They also abound in protein- and nutrient-dense coconut and are mildly sweetened with natural agave.The protein and coconut soothes and satisfies, providing a steady supply of energy that can help you to make the most of your day, instead of causing blood sugar levels to spike and drop. You avoid sugar-induced mood swings that can cause irritability and afternoon sluggishness.

Our smoothies sweetly nourish. We use natural sugars, in the form of date paste, fiber and nutrient rich whole fruit, and we add protein with ingredients such as almond and yogurt to help prevent the same kind of blood sugar swings as discussed above. At the same time, our smoothies are so flavorful they make us sing!

And because sometimes people crave crunchy, cheesy, indulgent nachos, we take a healthy approach to them by using the best quality ingredients — good tortilla chips and organic cheese. We even go one step further and add organic lettuce and fresh tomatoes to our Nachos del Maria. The added fiber and nourishment lighten the dish and aids in digestion.

In a simple yet powerful way, our food can make the day go better and, over time, the weeks and months. It’s food that can further joy. We love how we feel when we eat this way, and we love how we feel afterwards! We hope you enjoy it too.


We add fiber-rich, nutritionally mighty quinoa to our Quinoa Nachos. It helps you to digest — as well as providing an excellent backdrop for cheese and our fantastic, smoky, chipotle dressing


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