Eye-poppingly Good Hot Sauce



Our Kindness Bowl, with a few splashes of our bright, flavorful hot sauce.

Medium-hot, with a sweet sunniness to it, our hot sauce nimbly balances heat with flavor.

This means it plays beautifully with our food, adding a smoky complexity and a sparkling tang. For our Curry Soul Good and Curry Don’t Stop! our hot sauce adds a bright spicy note to our mildly spicy curry. With our Chipotle Sunrise and Quinoa wraps, it kicks up the flavors that are already there, giving them a sweet-hot pop. And of course, it’s perfect with our nachos.

Consider our hot sauce a smoky blanket of love, enveloping food with a little extra warmth. It’s so good, we bottled it so you can take it home with you and enjoy it whenever you like!


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