Independent, Locally-Owned


It feels just right to be here.

We’re proud to say that our cafes are uplifting places. And it’s not just any one thing that makes them that way. We make them welcoming with high quality food, hard-working, marvelous employees, wondrous art on our walls, and the groovy songs we play.

Cafe del Soul is independently owned by a woman who lives in Marin with her two children. Our goal is to make you feel good with our excellent food and a cheery vibe — no matter what the character, weather, or mood of your day has been. And we’re succeeding! We make our customers happy, and we have a loyal and enthusiastic following. They come for a relaxed place to hang out, get a bite, and chat with a friend. They dash in to pick up dinner for their families and loved ones on hectic days, pop in for snacks before a long hike, and stroll in for replenishment after a yoga class. Or they come simply for a cup of tea and some lounging in one of our comfortable chairs.

We love being part of this community, supporting it further by purchasing from local suppliers, giving to schools, and being environmentally aware — we  use 100% compostable ware and compost our food waste. With our new delivery service we’re doing even more to support our community, reaching out to schools, offices, gyms and families, using zero-emission bicycles to deliver in downtown San Rafael, and Smart cars in Southern Marin.

Friendly and warm, we’ve made Cafe del Soul a nourishing and delightful place to be, so come in, relax, and feel good!

At our cafes, you can find great books to lift your spirits.

At our cafes, you can find great books to lift your spirits.

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