Our Hummus Yummus


The Hummus Yummus is a work of art — a brilliant, unexpected mix of ingredients that together create a wrap that is satisfying, yet still light.

Dense, organic edamame and earthy, creamy hummus ground the wrap. Crisp lettuce and cucumber give it a freshness that harmonizes with the sweetness and zing of our tamarind-lime vinaigrette. Crunchy and creamy textures intermingle, and every once in a while, an edamame bean or almond adds extra intrigue, or an extra sweet splash of ginger sings a high note.

The wrap is not only satisfyingly flavorful, it’s full of plant-based protein, which means that you’re getting a filling, complete-protein meal, without requiring additional chicken or tofu.

The idea for the Hummus Yummus came about in a seemingly effortless way. It was the early days of the cafe, and owner Chyna Honey would make herself a quick, homemade lunches every day. She personally loved the combination of hummus and edamame and thought it was spectacular, so she would often bring it to work as part of a bowl of salad.

One day, a friend came to visit, tried her homemade lunch, and asked, “Is this going to be part of the menu?”

Chyna had never thought to before. She thought it was just the kind of thing she liked to eat.

But then it got her thinking — this really is the kind of food I want to serve.

The Hummus Yummus was soon created.

If you haven’t tried our Hummus Yummus, we invite you to — we think you will be just as delighted by its alchemy of ingredients as we are. It’s absolutely yummy.

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