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Our smoothies have a mystery about them, because they’re game-changers. They can convince someone that a smoothie can be complex, and fashioned into something excellent and beautiful.

One of the reasons why our smoothies are so good is because they’ve been designed by Cafe del Soul’s owner, Chyna Honey, who has been affectionately called a “smoothie whisperer.” She has a special way with smoothies, crafting them lovingly to bring out the best in ripe fruit, and balancing their ingredients so that the flavors work seamlessly together.

Taken together, our smoothie menu has plenty of variety , so there’s one to suit your mood. The Banana Bliss is soothingly creamy and mellow. Our Berry Beautiful is intensely flavorful with blueberries, and not too sweet. Meanwhile, our bestselling Strawberry-Passion is pleasantly sweet and tart — absolutely refreshing on breezy, warm days. And let’s not forget our Passionate First Date — another bestseller — which is perhaps our most zingy of them all.

They taste pure and fresh because they are — we use naturally sweet, ripe fruit and naturally sweet date paste. Every ingredient in our smoothies is real food, so your body can easily absorb its nutrients. And we use high-quality ingredients that cost a little more, but it’s more than worth it.

A lot of people don’t even know how good a smoothie can be, until they’ve tried one of our carefully made creations. We take pleasure in that moment of discovery, when people’s eyes pop. The body sings, the palate is infatuated. We think our smoothies may make you fall in love with them, body and soul. Enjoy!

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