The Freshest Wraps, Soups & Snacks


Made from scratch each day, with love.

Our food begins with the freshest ingredients and early wake-up calls. We order fresh ingredients to be delivered to our cafes several times a week to make sure we have the curliest and most vibrant of leafy greens, the most glowing avocados. And every morning, at five a.m., our prep crew gets to work. The ingredients for our wraps, including our rice, beans, and GMO and hormone-free chicken — all the way down to our flavorful vinaigrettes and dressings — need to be prepared fresh each day. Lettuces and other fresh ingredients are washed and cut that morning. Our soups, chilled teas, yogi tea, and coffee are all made daily.  Our creamy, smoky Notorious Dip stays airy and light because it’s made and packaged every morning too. Even our snacks, which store extremely well for some time, are made each day.

We want to make sure our food and drink pops with life, tastes good to your palate, and that it makes you feel alive and good too.

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